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CAC Kostolac

CAC Kostolac, 08/09/2018, Kostolac

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XXI CAC Kostolac
Location: in front of Sport hall
Ul.Boze Dimitrijevica 1

Entry fee: Foreign exhibitors pay 25e per dog.
Prvi pas 1200din, drugi pas istog vlasnika 1000 din. Baby,puppy,veteran 1000 din. Uplate na racun 205-178137-50 U slucaju placanja na dan izlozbe 1500din

Dejan Gujanicic I,III,X
LJubisa Nikolic part of II,V
Zika Mitrovic IV,VI,VII
Miodrag Nikic part of II,VIII,IX

064 4431983 Tijana
064 9391858 Nikola