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CACIB Požarevac

CACIB Požarevac, 16/09/2018, Požarevac

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Kinolosko udruzenje "STIG" Pozarevac

CACIB 2018 - Pozarevac

VIII International dog show - 16. September 2018. will be held at Požarevac hippodrome. Easy access, huge parking near showground, restaurant with big garden and nice surrounding!

Carmen Navarro (Spain, Kennel De Villaodon)
Rafael Garcia (Spain, Kennel De Villaodon)
Dragan Babić (Serbia, Kennel Srpski Lav)
Ernesto Di Maio (Italy, Kennel Dell Anteler)
Helmut Weiler (Germany, ADRK, Kennel Von Kalenborn)
Jose M. Doval (Spain, Kennel De la Enna)
Kerstin Nilsson (Denmark, Mrs Poodle)
Martin Baskaran (Spain, Kennel Basterberri)
Nebojša Švraka (Serbia, Kennel Potkozarska)

Entry fee
Entry for 1st dog is 30 euro, and for all the other dogs of the same owner is 25 euro. Entry for Baby, Puppy, Veteran class is 15 euro. An entry can be payed for on the day of the show.


Entry close (deadline) 12.09.2018. at 22h